The Interior Grasslands Cycling Club offers a friendly environment for recreational road racing and group riding, and promotes youth development through races, clinics, and mentorship.

Founded in 2005 but with its origin in 1972, the Interior Grasslands Cycling Club (IGCC) is one of the larger community-based cycling clubs in the province. The club, includes cyclists of all skill and fitness levels, from beginners to advanced riders, young and old. Included in our membership are BC Games and Senior Games athletes, national time trial title holders, and world champions. New members are welcome!

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May 16 race results

Mount Lolo hill climb

NameTime Place
Don Larsen0:33:001
David Lee0:33:492
Trevor Laupland0:33:493
Rowan Hunt0:34:094
John Armstrong0:34:325
Francis Rathe0:34:406
Robert Forsyth0:38:507
Perry Grunenberg0:41:028
David Ross0:41:029
Kevin Swedburg0:41:1410
Brenda Laupland0:43:3611
Frank Dacho0:44:4912
Glen Buchanan0:46:08*
Mike Stewart-Smith0:47:3113
Helena Dacho0:50:2214

* Rode in support of the race.

We thank our volunteers: Ray Nyuli, Mike Moonie, Alan Bogetti, Bill Flynn, Brian Bogetti.