2018 Tour de France pool

Hi, Several weeks ago, I volunteered to set up a Tour de France pool. It slipped my mind but we still have time to do it. I found a pool in the Ottawa area that has been running for several years. It has a lot of complexities which we might be able to include in the future but for this year, I selected (literally cut and pasted) a handful of that pool’s components.

Ray Nyuli

Here are our pool rules:

– Pick 12 riders

– Guess the total number of finishers

– Pick a team for the TTT

– Points will be assigned based on the table below. Points will be based on the results at the end of the last stage in Paris. They will not be adjusted if a rider gets busted a few days later.

– Ties in the final points totals will be broken via count-back firstly of stage wins and then of podiums

– Entry fee: $20

– Enter by sending your selections and fee to Raymond Nyuli. Pay via:

– e-interac transfer to ray.nyuli@EntertainmentManagement.ca

– Paypal to https://www.paypal.me/RaymondNyuli

– Cash if you see me in person

– You can email me your selections or post them on Facebook Kamloops Roadie and XC Group or Interior Grasslands Cycling Club Group. You’re selections and payment do not need to be together.

– Entry deadline: Prior to the rollout of Stage 1 (Based on timestamp of email, electronic payment, etc.)

– Payout of total entry fees collected: 1st 60%, 2nd 25%, 3rd 10% (5% will be held back to cover banking fees for electronic transfers, etc. If the holdback exceeds expenses, the balance will be donated to the Interior Grasslands Cycling Club.)

– Eligibility: Anyone that is part of the immediate or extended Kamloops cycling community. This extends to someone who might not live in Kamloops but occasionally comes to Kamloops for a ride with local friends.

After each stage, points will be awarded according to the following scales. The results will be based on the official results at letour.fr.

Stage results:

1st 15 points
2nd 12
3rd 10
4th 8
5th 6
6th 5
7th 4
8th 3
9th 2
10th 1

Overall standings after each stage:
Yellow jersey 7
Green jersey 7
Polka dot jersey (mountains) 7
Young rider classification 5

Final overall standings:

Green 1st 20
Green 2nd 10
Green 3rd 5

Polka dots 1st 20
Polka dots 2nd 10
Polka dots 3rd 5

Young rider 1st 15
Young rider 2nd 7
Young rider 3rd 3

Guessing the total number of finishers: 20

General Classification

1st overall 25
2nd 24
3rd 23
4th 22
5th 21
6th 20
7th 19
8th 18
9th 17
10th 16
11th 15
12th 14
13th 13
14th 12
15th 11
16th 10
17th 9
18th 8
19th 7
20th 6
21st 5
22nd 4
23rd 3
24th 2
25th and lower 1