April 4 race results

16 km Time Trial, Westsyde Road

Chris McNeil0:20:421
Don Larsen0:21:402
Brad Batter0:22:393
Trevor Laupland0:25:504
Robert Forsyth0:26:005
Frank Dacho0:26:506
Perry Grunenberg0:27:197
Ryan Pankewich0:27:408
Max Angove0:27:519
Melissa Lowenberg0:27:5210
Carr Nyuli0:28:0811
Mike Stewart-Smith0:28:4712
Brenda Laupland0:28:4913
Brad Angove0:29:1614
Gary Brace0:30:0315
Nicole Angove0:30:2016
Helen Dacho0:32:3917
Jake Lang0:34:2918

Thanks to the volunteers: John Tilley, Mike Mooney, and Alan Bogetti.