June 13 race results

Australian pursuit, Dallas Drive

Handicap-delayed start time taken from 0:00. Groups were made from average race speeds taken from previous race results. Placing is the position each rider crossed the finish line. To get their finish time add the delayed start to the actual time.

NameStart timeActual timePlacing
Kaileen  McCullock0:000:49:001
Max  Angove+5:000:49:532
Mike Monie0:000:55:013
David Ross+3:000:52:034
Rowan Hunt+8:000:47:155
Trevor  Laupland+8:000:47:166
Dan Larson+11:000:44:197
Rob Forsyth+8:000:48:598
John Armstong+11:000:46:539
Nicole Angove0:000:58:3210
Mike Stewart Smith0:001:00:5411
Brad Angove0:001:02:4612
Roy Landon+5:001:04:3813