May 16 race results

Mount Lolo hill climb

NameTime Place
Don Larsen0:33:001
David Lee0:33:492
Trevor Laupland0:33:493
Rowan Hunt0:34:094
John Armstrong0:34:325
Francis Rathe0:34:406
Robert Forsyth0:38:507
Perry Grunenberg0:41:028
David Ross0:41:029
Kevin Swedburg0:41:1410
Brenda Laupland0:43:3611
Frank Dacho0:44:4912
Glen Buchanan0:46:08*
Mike Stewart-Smith0:47:3113
Helena Dacho0:50:2214

* Rode in support of the race.

We thank our volunteers: Ray Nyuli, Mike Moonie, Alan Bogetti, Bill Flynn, Brian Bogetti.