Covid-19 update

Amid COVID-19 crisis management and daily updates from public health officials, IGCC is following Cycling BC‘s recommendations that club rides and races cancelled/postponed until the health risks have subsided and restrictions to reduce the spread of the virus have been lifted. At this stage, we do recommend that should your group proceed with group rides, you limit groups as per BC Health Authority guidelines

Stay safe!

Benefits to IGCC membership

Check out the Member benefits page to see what your $10 IGCC membership can provide for you. As a member, you already have the opportunity join in our races and other events and to purchase the club’s swanky club kit (store will open in the spring). But we’re working to bring you extra perks. Here are some.

  • Discount at Belvedere Bike and Wellness Hotel, Italy
  • Discount at Garda Cycling Experience, Dolci Bike Hotel, Italy
  • Discount at Prospera Granfondo Axel Merckx Okanagan 2020 for groups of 10+ unregistered riders
  • Discount for 2020 RBC GranFondo Whistler
  • $10 off per person 2020 Okanagan Trestles Tour ★New★

And there’s more to come …

AGM and Year-end Party

Free bikes and food for all!

Well not quite … , but we do have some great prizes (including a bike rack from Cap-it), and pizza, drinks, salad, and desert at the Year-end Party, which will immediately follow the AGM. And this is your chance to give your ideas for the club in the New Year!

December 3, come join us for IGCC’s Annual General Meeting and Year-end Party!

IGCC will hold its AGM at 5:30 pm, with the year-end party to follow immediately after. Come hungry as IGCC will be supplying pizza, salad, drinks, and dessert. We also have some fabulous prizes to give away.

IGCC will also be presenting a slideshow of club member’s achievements and adventures from this past year, so if you have photos to include, please send them and information about the photo(s) to All are welcome to attend the AGM and the Year-end Party, but non-members however will be asked to pay $10.00 to attend the year-end party.

Please register using EventBright. This will allow us to better plan for the event.

See you there!

Tony Hoar

News from Peter Bartell:
One of cycling’s most prolific competitive cyclists passed away on October 5, 2019 at age 87. Born in Hampshire, England, Tony Hoar took up cycling at an early age, eventually competing in international events throughout England and Continental Europe. Through his consistent good placings in prestigious races in Britain, Holland, and Ireland, to name a few, Tony was selected to represent Great Britain for the Commonwealth games in Vancouver, Canada. However Tony’s most memorable achievement came during the 1955 Tour de France. As a member of a 10-man team, with only two of whom finishing the gruelling race, Tony came in last, in 69th place, thus claiming the coveted award of the “Lantern Rouge”. Tony eventually moved to Canada and it took little time for him to establish himself in the Canadian cycling establishment. He eventually became active in the B.C. Cycling Association, now Cycling BC, and put his stamp on as not only a formidable competitor but also as a member on the board of directors. In time Tony got into the retail business of cycling, then into the manufacture of fine frames. One of the foremost builders of frames, Dave Moulton, after checking out my CBS frame, told me that he could not build a better frame. That best documents the attention and care put into all his endeavors. In 1982 Tony married Gay Wise and together they built a business that became well respected in the cycling community. Tony stopped racing at the age of 75, but continued to ride recreationally. And he concentrated on building bicycle trailers at his plant in Mill Bay. Over the years Tony and I stayed in touch, together we sat on the Board of Directors of the BABC. In later years Tony was instrumental in forming the B.C. Masters Cycling Association. Tony had been sick for some time, but Gay has stated that Tony believed that it was only a matter of time when he could return to most of his activities. Tony simply never gave up! A few weeks ago my wife Sandy and I visited Tony in Koksilah on Vancouver Island. Tony proudly showed us his workshop, outlining the numerous projects he was planning. I am sad to say that Tony did not get around to fulfill his dream. Gay Wise has indicated that sometime in 2020, possibly in May [postponed due to Covid-19], there will be a “Celebration of Tony Hoar’s Life”. I am certain the “celebration” will include a memorial ride, so be prepared to bring a bike. Tony is gone, but the memories which those of us who knew him made, will never be forgotten.

Third annual Tweed Ride

Come join us for the 3rd Annual
Interior Grasslands Cycling Club Tweed Ride!

We will meet at Pogue Mahones at 2:00 for a drink…or two…followed by a social ride around 3:30 to Red Collar for another drink…or two…and more socializing!
The event will end at approximately 5:00 pm.
This event is capped at 35 participants due to space constraints at one of our venues so please sign-up early!
You don’t want to miss out on all the fun!

Register here!

Cacti Cross results

Full results of the BC Interior Cross series:

Kamloops results only:

Morning race

U13 MenCatOverallPoints
Levi Rubuliak16200
Robert Ruddock222175
U13 WomenCatOverallPoints
Tayte Proulx-Royds117200
Brooke Bates325155
Calla Haaheim224175
Emily Lane426140
U15 MenCatOverallPoints
Seth Proulx-Royds110200
Novice MenCatOverallPoints
David Hodgson14200
Mike Moonie212175
Matt Smith314155
Robert D’Amours416140
Novice WomenCatOverallPoints
Megan Banman120200
Intermediate WomenCatOverallPoints
Tova Galvagno223175
Ashley Hignell111200
Masters WomenCatOverallPoints
Kerry Haaheim38155
Jenni Rubuliak15200
Angela Ozero49140
Cindy Pelletier518130
Debbie Proulx619120
Marta Green27175
Single Speed MenCatOverallPoints
Lance Huber22175
Noah Rubuliak11200
Joe Wessel33155
Meshkat Javid421140

Afternoon race

U13 Men Cat Overall Points
Levi Rubuliak 1 6 200
Robert Ruddock 2 22 175
U13 Women Cat Overall Points
Tayte Proulx-Royds 1 17 200
Brooke Bates 3 25 155
Calla Haaheim 2 24 175
Emily Lane 4 26 140
U15 Men Cat Overall Points
Seth Proulx-Royds 1 10 200
Novice Men Cat Overall Points
David Hodgson 1 4 200
Mike Moonie 2 12 175
Matt Smith 3 14 155
Robert D’Amours 4 16 140
Novice Women Cat Overall Points
Megan Banman 1 20 200
Intermediate Women Cat Overall Points
Tova Galvagno 2 23 175
Ashley Hignell 1 11 200
Masters Women Cat Overall Points
Kerry Haaheim 3 8 155
Jenni Rubuliak 1 5 200
Angela Ozero 4 9 140
Cindy Pelletier 5 18 130
Debbie Proulx 6 19 120
Marta Green 2 7 175
Single Speed Men Cat Overall Points
Lance Huber 2 2 175
Noah Rubuliak 1 1 200
Joe Wessel 3 3 155
Intermediate Men Cat Overall Points
Steve Gaucher 1 18 200
Mike Welch 7 34 115
Daryl Wile 2 19 175
David Geraghty 3 27 155
Ryan Hayward 4 28 140
Julian Hudson 5 30 130
Seth Soodeen 6 31 120
Masters Men Cat Overall Points
Dustin Bates 1 7 200
Lance Huber 8 16 110
Chris Rubuliak 4 11 140
Trevor Haaheim 3 10 155
Tyson Kaempffer 7 15 115
Craig Madlung 12 22 90
Glenn McHatten 11 21 95
Darrin Caruso 10 20 100
Yves Martin 18 33 66
Bjoern Ossenbrink 2 8 175
John Peachell 5 12 130
Ashley Weber 6 13 120
Marcus Boyle 9 17 105
Pete Stefanuto 13 23 85
Joe Wessel 14 24 80
Andrew Pickell 15 25 75
Peter Tonkin 16 26 71
Glen Buchanan 17 32 69
U19 Men Cat Overall Points
Erik Haaheim 1 5 200
Rhett Bates 2 29 175
Elite Men Cat Overall Points
Noah Rubuliak 1 1 200
Geddan Ruddock 2 2 175
Aidan Oliphant 4 4 140
Mat Hewitt 3 3 155
Alex Lane 5 6 130
Aaron Weiss 6 9 120
Ross Horsely 7 14 115

September 19 race results

Mount Lolo hill climb

A small group came out.

Aaron Weiss0:36:371
Robert Forsyth0:37:162
Glen Buchanan0:42:093
Mike Moonie0:42:104

Volunteers: Mike Stewart-Smith, Matt DeNys, John Tilley.

Lolo HC on Thursday

With the cancellation of last week’s Lolo hill climb due to rain, it will be rerun this Thursday, September 19. It will start near the Husky as usual. Come early to register.

September 5 race results

Name Time Place
Perry Grunenberg 24:36 1
Rowen Hunt 26:13 2
Alan Bogetti 26:19 3
Carr Nyuli    26:47 4
Tony Dufficy    26:51 5
Mike Stewart-Smith 28:04 6

2019 Race to the Sun Hill Climb results

Saturday, August 31st saw 21 people come out to ride or race to Sun Peaks. This year there was a 9 am start for social riders and a 10 am start for those wishing to race. The results are as follows:

9 am starters — Men Time
Fred Menu 1:49:20
Tony Dufficy 1:51:36
Mike Moonie 1:54:10
Blake Decrane 1:56:20
Frank Dacho 2:00:00
Chris Wenger 2:01:53
Roy Knive 2:22:00
10 am starters — Men Time
Aron Weiss 1:20:31
Peter Stefanuto 1:20:32
Ian Fillinger 1:20:35
Brenden Taylor 1:28:14
Rowen Hunt 1:29:08
David Ross 1:29:09
Josh Weiss 1:29:21
John Harter 1:33:54
Perry Grunenberg 1:35:08
Glen Buchanan 1:44:47
Colin Holt 1:56:25
9 am starters — Women Time
Shawn Wenger 1:53:08
Helen Dacho 2:00:00
10 am starters — Women  Time
Kasha Viteratos 2:02:13
Maia Viteratos 2:02:13