September 5 race results

Name Time Place
Perry Grunenberg 24:36 1
Rowen Hunt 26:13 2
Alan Bogetti 26:19 3
Carr Nyuli    26:47 4
Tony Dufficy    26:51 5
Mike Stewart-Smith 28:04 6

2019 Race to the Sun Hill Climb results

Saturday, August 31st saw 21 people come out to ride or race to Sun Peaks. This year there was a 9 am start for social riders and a 10 am start for those wishing to race. The results are as follows:

9 am starters — Men Time
Fred Menu 1:49:20
Tony Dufficy 1:51:36
Mike Moonie 1:54:10
Blake Decrane 1:56:20
Frank Dacho 2:00:00
Chris Wenger 2:01:53
Roy Knive 2:22:00
10 am starters — Men Time
Aron Weiss 1:20:31
Peter Stefanuto 1:20:32
Ian Fillinger 1:20:35
Brenden Taylor 1:28:14
Rowen Hunt 1:29:08
David Ross 1:29:09
Josh Weiss 1:29:21
John Harter 1:33:54
Perry Grunenberg 1:35:08
Glen Buchanan 1:44:47
Colin Holt 1:56:25
9 am starters — Women Time
Shawn Wenger 1:53:08
Helen Dacho 2:00:00
10 am starters — Women  Time
Kasha Viteratos 2:02:13
Maia Viteratos 2:02:13

Ashcroft HellClimb results

The full results are here:

PlaceRacer nameFinish time
1Francois Raath0:54:25.8
2Rowan Hunt0:55:52.7
3John Armstrong0:56:53.2
4Trevor Laupland0:57:45.6
5Ian Fillinger0:58:44.1
6Max Angove1:03:55.5
7Kevin Swedburg1:05:04.3
8Austin Husa1:07:07.5
9Robert Forsyth1:08:21.9
10David Ross1:09:33.5
11Alan Long1:10:25.2
12Fred Menu1:11:21.8
13Patrick Macdonald1:11:23.6
14Brad Angove1:14:52.6
15Mike Moonie1:16:10.4
16Blake Decraene1:16:53.9
17Shawn Wenger1:17:10.2
18Mike Stewart-Smith1:22:39.3

June 13 race results

Australian pursuit, Dallas Drive

Handicap-delayed start time taken from 0:00. Groups were made from average race speeds taken from previous race results. Placing is the position each rider crossed the finish line. To get their finish time add the delayed start to the actual time.

NameStart timeActual timePlacing
Kaileen  McCullock0:000:49:001
Max  Angove+5:000:49:532
Mike Monie0:000:55:013
David Ross+3:000:52:034
Rowan Hunt+8:000:47:155
Trevor  Laupland+8:000:47:166
Dan Larson+11:000:44:197
Rob Forsyth+8:000:48:598
John Armstong+11:000:46:539
Nicole Angove0:000:58:3210
Mike Stewart Smith0:001:00:5411
Brad Angove0:001:02:4612
Roy Landon+5:001:04:3813

June 6 race results

16 km Time Trial, Westsyde Road

Rowan Hunt0:25:211
Robert Forsyth0:25:242
Melissa Lowenberg0:25:443
Perry Grunenberg0:25:534
Alan Bogetti0:26:265
David Ross0:26:286
Carr Nyuli0:27:117
Al Long0:27:288
Brad Angove0:28:469
Nicola Angove0:29:1310
Courtnay Lang0:29:4411
Karen Abbott0:34:4612

We thank our volunteers:
Alan Bogetti, Matt De Nys, Mike Moonie, and Ray Nyuli.

May 30

For those wondering … there will be no race or social ride this Thursday.

May 16 race results

Mount Lolo hill climb

NameTime Place
Don Larsen0:33:001
David Lee0:33:492
Trevor Laupland0:33:493
Rowan Hunt0:34:094
John Armstrong0:34:325
Francis Rathe0:34:406
Robert Forsyth0:38:507
Perry Grunenberg0:41:028
David Ross0:41:029
Kevin Swedburg0:41:1410
Brenda Laupland0:43:3611
Frank Dacho0:44:4912
Glen Buchanan0:46:08*
Mike Stewart-Smith0:47:3113
Helena Dacho0:50:2214

* Rode in support of the race.

We thank our volunteers: Ray Nyuli, Mike Moonie, Alan Bogetti, Bill Flynn, Brian Bogetti.

May 9 race results

42 km road race of Westsyde Road

David Ross1:13:351
Rowan Hunt 1:13:352
Robert Forsyth1:13:353
Brad Angove 1:16:164
Garry Brace1:19:585
Roy Langdon1:26:056
Carr Nyuli D N F(mechanical)

Thank you to our volunteers: Ray Nyuli, Brian Bogetti, Matt DeNys, Mike Stewart-Smith, Mike Moonie.

May 2 race results

14 km time trial on Dallas Road

Don Larsen0:20:181
Peter Stefanuto0:21:322
Trevor Lampland0:22:113
Rowan Hunt0:23:254
Max Angove0:24:005
David Ross0:24:376
Ken McDonald0:25:047
Brad Angove0:25:578
Mike Stewart-Smith0:27:029
Jake Lang0:30:0410
Robert Forsyth0:30:5011

Many thanks to our volunteers: Mike Moonie, Glen Buchanan, Gary Brace,
Matt DeNys.

April 18 race results

Mount Lolo Hill Climb, shortened.

Don Larson0:22:161
Trevor Laupland0:22:512
Rowan Hunt0:23:153
Joe Johnston0:24:324
Glen Buchanan0:29:055
Brenda Laupland0:29:336
Nicole Angore0:31:067

Cloudy, windy weather.
Volunteers: Alan Bogetti, Brian Bogetti, and Mike Stewart-Smith.

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