May 16 race results

Mount Lolo hill climb

NameTime Place
Don Larsen0:33:001
David Lee0:33:492
Trevor Laupland0:33:493
Rowan Hunt0:34:094
John Armstrong0:34:325
Francis Rathe0:34:406
Robert Forsyth0:38:507
Perry Grunenberg0:41:028
David Ross0:41:029
Kevin Swedburg0:41:1410
Brenda Laupland0:43:3611
Frank Dacho0:44:4912
Glen Buchanan0:46:08*
Mike Stewart-Smith0:47:3113
Helena Dacho0:50:2214

* Rode in support of the race.

We thank our volunteers: Ray Nyuli, Mike Moonie, Alan Bogetti, Bill Flynn, Brian Bogetti.

May 9 race results

42 km road race of Westsyde Road

David Ross1:13:351
Rowan Hunt 1:13:352
Robert Forsyth1:13:353
Brad Angove 1:16:164
Garry Brace1:19:585
Roy Langdon1:26:056
Carr Nyuli D N F(mechanical)

Thank you to our volunteers: Ray Nyuli, Brian Bogetti, Matt DeNys, Mike Stewart-Smith, Mike Moonie.

May 2 race results

14 km time trial on Dallas Road

Don Larsen0:20:181
Peter Stefanuto0:21:322
Trevor Lampland0:22:113
Rowan Hunt0:23:254
Max Angove0:24:005
David Ross0:24:376
Ken McDonald0:25:047
Brad Angove0:25:578
Mike Stewart-Smith0:27:029
Jake Lang0:30:0410
Robert Forsyth0:30:5011

Many thanks to our volunteers: Mike Moonie, Glen Buchanan, Gary Brace,
Matt DeNys.

April 18 race results

Mount Lolo Hill Climb, shortened.

Don Larson0:22:161
Trevor Laupland0:22:512
Rowan Hunt0:23:153
Joe Johnston0:24:324
Glen Buchanan0:29:055
Brenda Laupland0:29:336
Nicole Angore0:31:067

Cloudy, windy weather.
Volunteers: Alan Bogetti, Brian Bogetti, and Mike Stewart-Smith.

Photos on Facebook.

April 11 race results

28 km road race, Dallas Drive

Don Larson0:45:061
Rowan Hunt0:48:162
David Ross0:53:263
Max Angore 0:53:464
Carr Nyuli
Alan Bogetti
Nicole Angore
BradĀ  Angore
Mike Stewart-Smith0:55:459
Roy Landon1:02:4710
Jake Lang1:02:4811

Thanks to the volunteers: John Tilley, Brian Bogetti, Ray Nyuli.

April 4 race results

16 km Time Trial, Westsyde Road

Chris McNeil0:20:421
Don Larsen0:21:402
Brad Batter0:22:393
Trevor Laupland0:25:504
Robert Forsyth0:26:005
Frank Dacho0:26:506
Perry Grunenberg0:27:197
Ryan Pankewich0:27:408
Max Angove0:27:519
Melissa Lowenberg0:27:5210
Carr Nyuli0:28:0811
Mike Stewart-Smith0:28:4712
Brenda Laupland0:28:4913
Brad Angove0:29:1614
Gary Brace0:30:0315
Nicole Angove0:30:2016
Helen Dacho0:32:3917
Jake Lang0:34:2918

Thanks to the volunteers: John Tilley, Mike Mooney, and Alan Bogetti.

Hello IGCC members!

This year, we are hoping that you, the members, will help us to create two monthly club rides that members can participate in during the course of the month: one ride will be for all members; the other will be kid-friendly so that people can also participate with their kids. We have come up with the rides for the first two months of the year (discussed below) … but after that, we are looking for input from you! It can be a themed ride that fits with a day within the month, a specific route, a Strava shape ride or anything else that comes to mind. The sky’s the limit! We are asking that you send us your ideas via email and then prior to the beginning of each month, we will decide on the two ride and send an email out to all members. You will have the entire month to do the ride … or if you just can’t make it happen during the month, that’s okay. Do it the next month or another month; we are just hoping people will finish all 12 rides. But this will only be as successful as you make it! We want your ideas, your creativity, and your commitment to this fun event.

And for those that do each monthly ride, not only will you get bragging rights, but we will have a monthly draw prize (proof is required that you did the challengešŸ˜‰) and should you do all the rides leading up to our year-end banquet (which will likely be held in November), you will have be named at the banquet for the achievement … with of course the promise to do the ride in December :).

So for the month of January, we are making it easy for you: get on a bike and ride a minimum of 10 km. It can be indoors or outdoors; just get on a bike! For kids, it can be any distance.

For February, in keeping with the Valentine’s Day tradition, we are asking people to come up with their best heart-shaped route and log it on your phone or on Strava. The best heart will win the monthly prize. Kids can do this as well; their heart will just likely be a lot smaller.

We are hoping that you will commit to this 12-month ride event and we are asking you to let us know that you’re in! You can email us at That email address is also where you can send your ideas! We are looking forward to hearing from you and participating with you over this next year!

Your IGCC Board of Directors

PS: we are also looking at creating a place this website where we will have routes mapped out. Stay tuned for more details!